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Casdoor can use the OIDC protocol to link to APISIX, and this document will show you how to do it.

The following are some of the names in the configuration:

CASDOOR_HOSTNAME: Domain name or IP where Casdoor server is deployed.

APISIX_HOSTNAME: Domain name or IP where APISIX is deployed.

Step1. Deploy Casdoor and APISIX

Firstly, the Casdoor and APISIX should be deployed.

After a successful deployment, you need to ensure:

  1. Casdoor can be logged in and used normally.
  2. Set Casdoor's origin value (conf/app.conf) to CASDOOR_HOSTNAME. Casdoor conf

Step2. Configure Casdoor application

  1. Create or use an existing Casdoor application.
  2. Add a redirect url: http://APISIX_HOSTNAME/REDIRECTWHATYOUWANT,and change REDIRECTWHATYOUWANT to the redirect url you need.
  3. Select "JWT-Empty" for the Token format option
  4. Add provider you want and supplement other settings.

Application Setting Not surprisingly, you can get two values ​​on the application settings page: Client ID and Client secret like the picture above, we will use them in next step.

Open your favorite browser and visit: http://CASDOOR_HOSTNAME/.well-known/openid-configuration, you will see the OIDC configure of Casdoor.

Step3. Configure APISIX

APISIX has official OIDC support, which is implemented using lua-resty-openidc.

You can customize the settings according to the APISIX OIDC documentation, in which the following routing settings will be used:

#Use your own X-Api-Key
$ curl -XPOST APISIX_HOSTNAME/apisix/admin/routes -H "X-Api-Key: edd1c9f034335f136f87ad84b625c8f1" -d '{
"uri": "/get",
"name": "apisix_casdoor_test",
"plugins": {
"openid-connect": {
"client_id": "Client ID",
"client_secret": "Client secret",
"discovery": "http://CASDOOR_HOSTNAME/.well-known/openid-configuration",
"introspection_endpoint_auth_method": "client_secret_basic",
"logout_path": "/logout",
"realm": "master",
"bearer_only": false,
"set_id_token_header": false,
"access_token_in_authorization_header": true,
"set_access_token_header": true,
"set_userinfo_header": false,
"realm": "master"
"upstream": {
"type": "roundrobin",
"nodes": {
"": 1

Now, visit http://APISIX_HOSTNAME/get, the browser will redirect you to the casdoor login page, and after successfully logging in, you will, not surprisingly, see that we have sent a request to APISIX_Result