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We use casdoor/go-sms-sender to send SMS for Casdoor. Now, go-sms-sender supports Aliyun, Tencent Cloud and Volc SMS APIs. You can raise an issue, or make a pull request if you want to support other SMS providers.

Add a SMS provider

  1. Click Add to add a new provider.
  2. Select SMS in Category

Select Category

  1. Select your provider type (Aliyun SMS, Tencent Cloud SMS or Volc Engine SMS)

Select Type

  1. Get your information from Aliyun, Tencent Cloud or Volc Engine and fill them out.



Here, I use Aliyun SMS service as an example

After I logged in my Aliyun workbench, click AccessKey to create ID and Secret.

aliyun workbench

By creating AccessKey, I get my AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret:


Fill the AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret to Casdoor Client ID and Client Secret.