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A UI-first Identity Access Management (IAM) / Single-Sign-On (SSO) platform supporting OAuth 2.0, OIDC, SAML and CAS, integrated with Casbin RBAC and ABAC permission management



いくつかのステップで Casdoor アプリをセットアップし、認証管理を実現できます。



Casdoor は、操作可能なウェブ UI と高並列できって、それにフロントエンドとバックエンドの開発を分けたアーキテクチャを備えています。



Casdoor は、多言語に対応できますし、i18n で多言語 UI を建設しています。より多くの言語を対応できるために このコンミュニティに対してのご支援を歓迎いたします。.

Casdoor work principle

As an authentication platform,
Casdoor implements the authentication by communicating with providers and users.
Casdoor SDK provides many functions, such as identity authentication, user management, resource upload, etc. Access to Casdoor is very convenient, please visit How to Connect to Casdoor for details.
login() {
Setting.signin().then((res) => {
if (res.status === "ok") {
Setting.showMessage("success", "Logged in successfully");
} else {
msg: res.msg,

Casdoor is a powerful authentication platform.
With supporting for

third-party application login, You can choose your favorite social network to login.
And Casdoor support the extension of third-party login with plugins.
For more details about third-party login, please visit provider
And if your want more providers, please propose it in our Casdoor community

Casdoor also support sign up directly. By filling your Username, Display name, Password and Email, after your receive your Email code, you can sign up in Casdoor.

Casdoor support forget and retrieve password feature.
To retrieve your password, you can enter your username, email or phone linked to your account and enter the verification code sent to your email or your phone, enter your new password and confirm to reset your new password.

Who's using Casbin?

Hundreds of projects are using Casbin, from established Fortune 500 companies to hot new startups.If you're curious to see what can be accomplished Casbin, check out these apps!