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Organization Tree

Groups are a collection of users within an organization. A user can belong to multiple groups.

Group properties

  • Owner: The organization that owns the group
  • Name: Unique group name
  • displayName
  • CreatedTime
  • UpdatedTime
  • Type: Groups can be classified as either Physical or Virtual. A user can only belong to one Physical group but can be in multiple Virtual groups.
  • ParentGroup: The parent group of a group (The parent group of the top-level groups in the organization is the organization itself)

Managing groups

There are two ways to manage groups:

  1. On the groups list page, you can view all the groups within the organization.

    groups list

  2. Click the Groups button on the organization list page.

    organization list

    This will display the tree structure of the groups within the organization.

    groups tree

    Here is a video that shows how to manage groups:

    groups tree page

    Groups can also be edited in a user's profile.

    groups user