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The Plan describes a list of features for an application, each with its own name and price.

The features of a Plan depend on the Casdoor Role, which comes with a set of Permissions.

This allows for the independent description of a Plan's features, regardless of naming and pricing.

For example, a Plan may have different prices depending on the country or date.

The following picture illustrates the relationship between a Plan and a Role.


Plan Properties

Every Plan has the following properties:

  • Organization
  • Name
  • CreatedTime
  • DisplayName
  • Role
  • PricePerMonth
  • Currency
  • PaymentProviders: Users can purchase the Plan through the Payment providers. For information on how to configure a Payment provider, see Payment provider.
  • IsEnabled

plan edit

When a Plan is created through Casdoor, a related Product is automatically created.

The information configured for the Plan will be automatically synchronized to the Product.

When users buy a Plan, they are essentially purchasing the related Product of the selected Plan.

related product