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The Subscription feature helps in managing a user's selected Plan, making it easy to control the access to Application features.


Since each Plan is based on a Role, you can assign the Plan's Role to a user and use the enforce API for permission checking.

A Subscription can be created in three ways:

  • Manually by an admin
  • Via the Pricing flow (after signing up as a paid-user and purchasing the selected Plan)
  • Via API

The relationship between Pricing, Plan, Subscription, Product, and Payment is as follows:


Subscription properties

Every Subscription has these properties:

  • Owner
  • Name
  • CreatedTime
  • DisplayName
  • Description
  • Duration: The duration of the Subscription.
  • StartTime: The starting time for the Subscription to take effect.
  • EndTime: The end time for the Subscription to take effect.
  • Pricing: The related Pricing.
  • Plan: The related Plan.
  • Payment: The related Payment.
  • User: The user who holds this Subscription.
  • State: Currently, the Subscription has the following states: Pending, Error, Suspended, Active, Upcoming, Expired.

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