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Application Config

After you deploy Casdoor on your server and set up your organization, you can now deploy your applications!

Let's see how to configure your application's authentication using Casdoor!


For example, I want to set up my Forum using Casnode.

I create my application and fill in some necessary configurations.

Select the organization I created so that users in this organization can use this application.


Since this organization is named my_organization, I choose it from the drop-down menu.

Select Organization

Next, I want my users to be able to use Casdoor for authentication when they sign up. So, I fill in the redirect URL here as


Please note that the callback URL in the provider application should be Casdoor's callback URL, and the Redirect URL in Casdoor should be your website's callback URL.

Further Understanding

To make the authentication process work, the detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Users send a request to Casdoor.
  2. Casdoor uses the Client ID and Client Secret to authenticate with GitHub, Google, or other providers.
  3. If the authentication is successful, GitHub calls back to Casdoor to notify Casdoor about the successful authentication. Therefore, the GitHub authorization callback URL should be your Casdoor's callback URL, which is
  4. Casdoor then informs the application about the authentication success. This means that the Casdoor callback URL should be your application's callback URL, which is

You can also add third-party apps for sign up by adding providers and setting their properties.

Select providers


If you want to do more personalized configuration of the application's sign-in methods, such as disabling a certain sign-in method or turning off a certain sign-in method, you can refer to the Signin Methods