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Application Config

After you deploy your casdoor on your server, and setup your organization, you can deploy your applications now!

Let's see how to config your applications authentication using Casdoor!


Here, for example, I want to setup my Forum using Casnode

I create my application and fill some necessary configures.

Select organization I created to make users in this organization can use this application.


While this organization is named my_organization, so I choose it in drop-down menu.

Select Organization

Then I want my users can use Casdoor to complete authentication when they are signing up, so I fill the redirect url here as


So here, we need to remember the callback URL in provider application is Casdoor's callback url, and the Redirect URL in Casdoor is your website callback url

Further understanding

If I want the authentication progress to work, the detailed progress should be like this:

Users send a request to Casdoor, Casdoor use the Client ID and Client Secret to get authentication from GitHub, Google or other providers.

If the authentication success, GitHub callback to Casdoor to tell Casdoor authentication success, so the GitHub authorization callback URL should be my Casdoor callback URL which is, then Casdoor tells the application authentication success which means the Casdoor callback URL should be my application callback URL, that is

Then you can add which third party apps can sign up by adding providers and setting its properties.

Select providers


Note that if you don't want users to access your app using a username/password, you can switch off the Password On button, so users can only access app using third party services:

Password On