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Casdoor uses providers to provide third-party services for the platform. In this chapter you will learn how to add providers for Casdoor.

Casdoor will only use providers added by the organization owner when it receives a request from a user in the organization.

Now, we have 4 kinds of providers:

  • OAuth providers

    Casdoor allows users to sign in through other OAuth applications. You can add GitHub, Google, QQ and many other OAuth applications to Casdoor, for more details, please see OAuth.

  • SMS Providers

    Casdoor sends SMS to users when they want to verify their phone numbers. SMS providers are used to send SMS in Casdoor.

  • Email Providers

    Email providers are similar to SMS providers.

  • Storage Providers

    Casdoor allows users to store files using local file system or cloud oss services.