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Database Syncer

The users table we created as a demo are imported from the template XLSX file.


Click the Syncers tab and create a new syncer. Fill in all the required information as below and save.



In general, you need to fill in at least the ID and Name in Casdoor Columns. And others important fields like createdTime, Password, DisplayName.

The following are the required information.

  • Organization: the organization that the user will import
  • Name: the syncer name
  • Type: select database
  • Host: the original database host
  • Port: the original database port
  • User: the original database username
  • Password: the original database password
  • Database type: all Xorm supported databases, like: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sqlite
  • Database: the original database name
  • Table: the original user table name
  • Table columns
  • Column name: the original user column name
  • Column type: the original user column type
  • Casdoor column: the casdoor user column name
  • Is hashed: whether to calculate hash value

Then you can turn on the Is enable button and save, the syncer will start to work.