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Database Syncer

The users table we created as a demo are imported from the template XLSX file.

Click the Syncers tab and create a new syncer. Fill in all the required information as below and save.

The following are the required information.

  • Organization: the organization that the user will import
  • Name: the syncer name
  • Type: select database
  • Host: the original database host
  • Port: the original database port
  • User: the original database username
  • Password: the original database password
  • Database type: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sqlite 3 available
  • Database: the original database name
  • Table: the original user table name
  • Table columns
    • Column name: the original user column name
    • Column type: the original user column type
    • Casdoor column: the casdoor user column name
    • Is hashed: whether to calculate hash value

Then you can turn on the Is enable button and save, the syncer will start to work.