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Visit WeChat developer platform, register as a developer, after your web application or your mobile application is approved, then you get you App Id and App Secret.


The WeChat provider offers two different sets of keys:

  • The first key set is for WeChat Open Platform (微信开放平台), it's only for the PC scenario. It can show QR-code in PC and the user can use the mobile phone to scan the code, so the PC browser will allow to sign in with WeChat.

  • The second key set is for WeChat Media Platform (微信公众平台), it's only for the mobile scenario. It allows the user to log in with WeChat inside WeChat mobile APP, it will jump to your WeChat Official Account (微信公众号) to log in.


We recommend setting the two key sets at the same time, and link your WeChat Open Platform (微信开放平台) account and WeChat Media Platform (微信公众平台) account together inside WeChat Open Platform (微信开放平台). So a WeChat user logged-in through PC and mobile can be recognized as the same user in Casdoor.


Due to the limitation of WeChat OAuth, there is currently no way to log in via WeChat in a 3rd-party mobile APP or in a mobile browser other than WeChat APP. The mobile login must happen inside WeChat APP for now.

For more detailed information, please visit WeChat Open Platform.