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To set up Gitee OAuth provider, please go to Gitee developer, if you have not created applications before, the gitee workbench would like this:

Gitee Workbench

Then you can create your gitee app.


Fill in the name, description, homepage and callback URL and carefully choose the permissions.

Set authorization callback URL correctly

In Gitee OAuth config, the authorization callback URL must be your Casdoor's callback url, and the Redirect URL in Casdoor should be your application callback url

For more details, please read App config

Then you can create you gitee app and get Client ID and Client Secrets now!

Gitee Client

Add a Gitee OAuth provider and fill the Client ID and Client Secrets in your Casdoor.

Gitee Provider

Now you can use Gitee as third party service to complete authentication!


Since Casdoor needs to obtain the user's email, the email option must be checked, otherwise it will cause scope authorization errors.

gitee scope