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Aliyun Captcha

Aliyun Captcha is a captcha service provided by Aliyun. It includes two ways to verify captcha: Sliding Validation and Intelligent Validation. You can see more details from this link.

Add Captcha configuration in Aliyun

Login to the Aliyun management console, search and go to the Captcha Service. And click Confirm Open to enable Captcha Service.

aliyunCaptcha console open

After entering the captcha agement console, click Add configuration.

aliyunCaptcha console open

Fill in all required information and submit.

aliyunCaptcha console open

Then you can see your Scene and App key in your console.

aliyunCaptcha console open

And Access key, Secret access key is in your profile.

Configure in Casdoor

Create a new provider in Casdoor.

Select category as Captcha , type as hCaptcha . Then select sub type: Sliding Validation or Intelligent Validation. And you need to fulfill the Access key, Secret access key, Scene and App key which are created by last step.

Recaptcha provider

And you can click Preview button to preview the style of this captcha.

The following image is Sliding Validation preview:

Recaptcha preview

The following image is Intelligent Validation preview:

Recaptcha preview

Applied in application

Edit the application you want to configure in Casdoor. Select the provider just added and click the button Save.

Recaptcha provider app