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The source code for Casdoor's frontend is inside the /web folder:

It is a Create-React-App (CRA) project, which has a classic CRA folder structure as follows:

publicthe HTML root file for React
srcsource code
craco.config.jsthe Craco config file, can change the theme color (blue by default) here
crowdin.ymlCrowdin i18n config file
package.jsonNPM/Yarn dependency file
yarn.lockYarn lock file

Inside /src, there are several important files or folders as follows:

accountthe "My profile" page for logged-in users
authall code related to authentication, like OAuth, SAML, sign up page, sign in page, forget password page, etc.
backendthe SDK for calling Go backend API, contains all the fetch() calls
basicthe homepage (dashboard page) for Casdoor, it contains several card widgets
commonshared UI widgets
localesi18n translation files in JSON, synced with our Crowdin project:
App.jsthe entrance JS file, containing all routes
Setting.jsthe utility functions used by other code
OrganizationListPage.jsthe page for the organization list, similar to all other XXXListPage.js
OrganizationEditPage.jsthe page for editing one organization, similar to all other XXXEditPage.js