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Casdoor can be used as a subscription management system through its Plan, Pricing, and Subscription features.

You can choose which plans to include in your price list, as shown in the pictures below:

pricing example

Each Pricing belongs to a specific Application. Users can select a plan and sign up as a paid-user through the corresponding pricing page URL of the Pricing.

General flow

The general flow looks like this:

pricing flow

  1. Users enter the select-plan page of the Pricing by accessing the pricing page URL shared by the admin.

    pricing page url

  2. Users select a Plan to subscribe and complete the signup process, becoming a paid-user.



  3. After signing up, users will be redirected to the buy-plan page for the selected Plan to proceed with the payment.


  4. Once the payment is successfully completed, the user's Subscription for the Plan is activated. Now, users can log in to Casdoor as a paid-user.


Here is a demo video: