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shardingsphere-elasticjob-ui have integrated Casdoor. We can use it after config it.

Step1. Deploy Casdoor

Firstly, the Casdoor should be deployed.

You can refer to the Casdoor official documentation for the Server Installation.

After a successful deployment, you need to ensure:

  • The Casdoor server is successfully running on http://localhost:8000.
  • Open your favorite browser and visit http://localhost:7001, you will see the login page of Casdoor.
  • Input admin and 123 to test login functionality is working fine.

Then you can quickly implement a casdoor based login page in your own app with the following steps.

Step2. Configure Casdoor application and configure application in ShardingSphere

1.Create or use an existing Casdoor application img RedirectURLs is depend on what url you need redirect.The selected data will use in next.

2.On the certificate editing page, you can see your Certificate


3.Configure application in ShardingSphere

First we need find the we need configure


Second we need copy the data in Casdoor application and paste them into application.


4.Test it