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A running Casdoor server. Please refer to the Casdoor documentation for Server Installation and Try with Docker.

Configuring Casdoor

  1. Add the Envoy application. In the Redirect URLs field, enter the URL of the Envoy instance including the port number, and ending with /oauth2/callback (e.g., http://%REQ(:authority)%/oauth2/callback). Make a note of the values in the Client ID and Client Secret.
  2. Add the envoy-casdoor-role role.
  3. Add the user1 user. Select Envoy in the Signup application. In the Managed accounts field, select Envoy in the Application dropdown and fill in the username and password. Go back to the Roles page and click "Edit" on the envoy-casdoor-role row. In the opened page, in the Sub users field, select the username you just created (in this case, it is built-in/user1).

Configure Envoy

  1. Modify the token_endpoint, authorization_endpoint, and client_id in the envoy.yaml file.
  2. Modify the inline_string in the token-secret.yaml file to the Client Secret of Envoy from Casdoor.
  3. Modify the inline_bytes in the hmac-secret.yaml file with a unique, long, and secure phrase.
  4. Add the envoy.yaml, token-secret.yaml, and hmac-secret.yaml files to your Envoy path.

How to Run

  1. Start Envoy using the envoy.yaml file.
  2. Go to the website where Envoy is listening. You should immediately be redirected to Casdoor for user authentication.