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Firebase supports OIDC as an Identity Provider, you can use Casdoor as an OIDC provider for Firebase web app.

1. Create a Firebase project

Go to Firebase Console to create a project.

1.1 Add Casdoor as provider


You need to enable "Identity Platform" feature first to enable OIDC integration on Firebase.

Select OpenID Connect in Custom providers, fill in the following information:

Name (in order)DescriptionExample value
NameAny be any string you would likecasdoor
Client IDClient ID for the Casdoor application294b09fbc17f95daf2fe
Issuer (URL)Casdoor server URL
Client SecretClient secret for Casdoor applicationdd8982f7046ccba1bbd7851d5c1ece4e52bf039d


The above examples values can be retrieved from Casdoor demo site: app-vue-python-example


1.2 Add callback url

Add Callback URL to Casdoor application Redirect URLs:



Here we provide an example casdoor-firebase-example for you to use Casdoor authentication in your app. To see more details for how to use Casdoor authentication in your app, please refer to Firebase document.