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Alibaba Cloud

Fill in the necessary information in Casdoor

There are four required fields: Client ID, Client secret, Sign Name, and Template code. The corresponding relationship with the Alibaba Cloud account is as follows:

NameName in Alibabais required
Client IDAccessKey IDrequired
Client secretAccessKey Secretrequired
Sign NameSignaturerequired
Template codeTemplate coderequired

Alibaba information

  • AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret

After logging into my Alibaba Cloud workbench, I click on "AccessKey" to create an ID and Secret.

Alibaba Cloud workbench

By creating an AccessKey, I obtain my AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret:


  • Signature

Alibaba Signature

  • Template code

Alibaba Template Code

Configure Casdoor provider

Enter your phone number in the SMS Test field to test.

Alibaba Provider Configuration