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This is an example of how to configure Web3-Onboard as a Web3 provider.

Web3-Onboard can help users use different wallets for Web3 login. Casdoor allows using Web3-Onboard as an identity provider and enables Web3 login with Web3-Onboard.


Step 1: Create a Web3-Onboard Web3 provider

First, you need to create a Web3-Onboard Web3 provider in Casdoor.

CategoryChoose Web3
TypeChoose Web3-Onboard
WalletsChoose the wallets that are allowed to log in

create a web3-onboard web3 provider

Currently, Casdoor only supports the wallets shown in the image above. The Injected wallets represent browser-injected wallets such as MetaMask or Coinbase.

Step 2: Add the provider to your application

Second, add the Web3-Onboard Web3 provider to your application.

add the web3-onboard web3 provider to your application

Step 3: Login with Web3-Onboard

Now you can log in through Web3-Onboard. Here is a demo video.