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WeCom Syncer

By using WeCom syncer, you can sync WeCom user and department data to Casdoor's user table and group table.

The following fields are required:

  • Organization: The organization that the user will be imported to
  • Name: The syncer's name
  • Type: Select "WeCom"
  • User: Your WeCom Company ID
  • Password: Your WeCom App secret
  • ClientSecret: Your WeCom Sync of Contacts secret

Follow the steps below to configure.

Step 1: Get WeCom Syncer configuration items

  • In your WeCom management platform, navigate to My Company, get Company ID in Company Information.


  • In your Self-build App, get App secret.


  • In Sync of Contacts Management Tool, get Sync of Contacts secret.


Step2: Config Casdoor WeCom Syncer

Go to Syncers tab, select WeCom type and fill in the required information as shown below. Then, save the changes.