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Signin Methods

On the Application Configuration page, we can configure the sign-in item table. We can add and remove sign-in items from the table.

Signin Methods

For a detailed explanation of each sign-in item, please refer to the table below. Currently, only Password, verification code, WebAuthn and LDAP login methods are available.

Column NameSelectable ValueDescription
Name-The name of the sign-in method.
DisplayName-The name which the sign-in method displays to the public.
RuleRule ItemsSelect a rule to customize this sign-in method. Detailed rules are described in the table below.
Action-Users can perform actions such as moving this sign-in method up, moving it down, or deleting it.

At present, configuration rules are only supported for the Password and Verification code sign-in methods.

Method NameSelectable RulesDescription
PasswordAll(default)/ Non-LDAPSelect the sign-in methods available to the user. Choosing All, then LDAP users can also sign-in. Choosing Non-LDAP, then LDAP users are prohibited from sign-in.
Verification codeAll(default)/ Email only / Phone onlySelect the sign-in methods available to the user. Choosing All, then both email and phone numbers can be verified for sign-in. Choosing Email only , then only eamil login is allowed. Choosing Phone only, then only the phone number is allowed to authenticate the login.

For example, we want users to prioritize logging in with their email, and then consider logging in with a password if they can't use their email.

First, we configure two login options, Verification Code and Password, and Verification Code is the first login option. Then we change the verification code rule to Email only, so that the user can only receive the login verification code by email.

Signin Methods

To make it easier for users to understand, we can change the display name of the Verification code login method so that users can easily understand that it is an email login.

Signin Methods


All login options, except for LDAP, are enabled by default. And it is required that at least one sign-in method be added.

Here is a video of how the sign-in method works: