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In this guide, we will be using MailHog as the SMTP server. MailHog is an email-testing tool that operates with a fake SMTP server.

Step 1: Deploy the MailHog service

The IP address for the MailHog service is, and the SMTP service port is 1025.

MailHog configuration

Step 2: Create an email provider

Provide the necessary information and save the settings.

MailHog email provider

Step 3: Send a test email

First, click on the Test SMTP Connection button. If you see provider: SMTP connected successfully, it means that your Casdoor service can access the MailHog service.

Next, click on the Send Testing Email button. If you see Email sent successfully, it means that the test email has been sent successfully from the From address to the Test Email.

Sending a test email using MailHog

Receiving a test email using MailHog