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Aliyun IDaaS

Create SAML application in Aliyun IDaaS

Login to the Aliyun management console, search and go to the Application Indentity Service (IDentity-as-a-Service, IDaaS).

Aliyun IDaaS

Click EIAM Instance List and open the free version.

Aliyun EIAM

An instance will be created and run automatically after opening. Click on the instance name or the Manage button to enter the IDaaS management console.

Aliyun EIAM List

After entering the IDaaS management console, click Add Application, search for SAML, and click Add Application.

Add Aliyun SAML

Click Add SigningKey.

Add Signing Key

Fill in all required information and submit.

Fill in Signing Key

Select the added SigningKey.

Select added Signing Key

Fill in all the required information below and submit.

  • IDP IdentityId: Keep the same as Issuer URL in Casdoor.
  • SP Entity ID & SP ACS URL(SSO Location): Now fill in whatever you want. After completing the configuration of Casdoor, you need to come to modify.
  • Assertion Attribute: Directly fill in as username.
  • Account Association Mode: Account Association

Update information of Signing Key

Account authorization & association

After the application is successfully added, an authorization prompt will pop up. Do not authorize it now, add an account and then authorize it.

Go to Organizations and Groups and click on New Account.

Add account

Fill in all required information and submit.

Fill in account information

Go to Application Authorization, select the accounts you want to authorize and click Save.

Account authorizationn

Go to the Application List, click View application sub-accounts, and then click Add account association.

View sub-account Add sub-account

Fill in the primary and sub accounts that need to be associated and click Save.

The primary account exists in IDaaS, and the sub account is the ID of the user in Casdoor.


Export IDaaS Metadata

Go to the Application List, click View Application Details and click Export IDaaS SAML Metadadta.


Configure in Casdoor

Create a new provider in Casdoor.

Select category as SAML, type as Aliyun IdaaS. Copy the content of metadata and paste it to the Metadata input. The values of Endpoint, IdP and Issuer URL will be generated automatically after clicking the Parse button.

Casdoor provider

Copy the SP ACS URL and the SP Entity ID and click the Save button.

Edit the application you want to configure in Casdoor. Select the provider just added and click the button Save.

Add provider for app

Modify SAML application in Aliyun IDaaS

Disable the application and then click Modify Application.

Modify SAML app

Fill in SP Entity ID and SP ACS URL(SSO Location) with the content copied in Casdoor. Submit and enable application.

Modify SAML app

Validate the effect

Go to the application you just configured and you can find that there is an icon in the login page.

Click the icon and jump to the Aliyun IDaaS login page, and then successfully login to the Casdoor after authentication.

Casdoor login