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Amazon S3


This is an example of Amazon S3.

Create security credentials

Follow the document: Managing access keys to create and save your access key and secret access key in the Amazon console.

Configure your bucket

In your bucket permissions options, uncheck the "block" option and save the changes.

uncheck block

Edit the object ownership and check ACLs enabled.

check ACLs enabled

Configure Casdoor

NameName in AmazonIs Required
Client IDAccess keyRequired
Client secretSecret access keyRequired
Endpoint (intranet)VPC endpoint
BucketBucket nameRequired
Path prefix
DomainCloudFront domain
Region IDAWS regionRequired

Fill in the necessary information, including the Client ID and Client Secret obtained from the access key and secret access key in the previous step. You can refer to this documentation for information on the formatting of the endpoint: Website endpoints

Amazon S3 provider

(Optional) Use VPC

You can refer to the official documentation for configuration: Access AWS services through AWS PrivateLink

(Optional) Use CloudFront distribution

Follow the document to configure CloudFront: Configure CloudFront

In the domain field, enter your distribution domain name.