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Azure Blob


This is an example of Azure Blob

Step1. Select Azure Blob

Select the Azure Blob as the storage type. azureSelect.png

Step2. Fill the necessary information in Casdoor

There are three required fields. Client ID, Client secret, Bucket. The relationship corresponding to the Azure Blob account is as follows:

NameName in Azureis required
Client IDAccountNamerequired
Client secretAccountKeyrequired
  • AccountName

    AccountName is your AccountName.

  • AccountKey

    The AccountKey is your key to access Azure API.


You can obtain your account key from the Azure Portal under the "Access Keys" section on the left-hand pane of your storage account.


  • ContainerName

    You first need to create a container. There is a default container called 'default'. azureContainer.png

  • Domain

The custom domain name in your Azure CDN. azureCDN.png

Step3. Save your configuration

The final result is as follows: azureResult.png

Then you can use Azure Blob Storage services in your application.