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This is an example of how to configure a MinIO provider.

MinIO is a high-performance object storage service that is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service.

Step 1: Deploy the MinIO service

First, deploy the MinIO service with TLS enabled. You can obtain the API address from the console.

Deploy service

Second, create the Access Key and Secret key.

Create access key

Third, create the Bucket.

Create bucket

Step 2: Create a MinIO provider in Casdoor

Now create a MinIO provider in Casdoor. Fill in the necessary information.

NameName in MinIO
Categorychoose Storage
Typechoose MinIO
Client IDAccess Key obtained from Step 1
Client secretSecret Key obtained from Step 1
EndpointAPI address obtained from Step 1
BucketBucket obtained from Step 1

Create a MinIO provider

Step 3: Use MinIO storage service in your application

Now you can use the MinIO storage service in your application.