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This is an example of how to configure the PayPal payment provider.

Step 1: Create a PayPal application

First, you need to create an application in PayPal. To access the PayPal Developer site, you should have a PayPal business account. If you don't have an account, create one first.

After you create a PayPal business account, log in to the Developer Dashboard using your account and then click on Create App under Apps & Credentials.

create a PayPal application

You can find the Client ID and Secret key in the basic information of your application.

PayPal application details

Step 2: Create a PayPal payment provider

Next, create a PayPal payment provider in Casdoor. Fill in the necessary information:

NameName in PayPal
CategoryChoose Payment
TypeChoose PayPal
Client IDUse the Client ID obtained from Step 1
Client secretUse the Secret key obtained from Step 1

Step 3: Add the PayPal payment provider for your product

Finally, add the PayPal payment provider for your product so that users can purchase the product using PayPal.

add PayPal payment provider for product


The above operations are all performed in PayPal's Sandbox mode. If you want to use it in a live production environment, you need to create an application in PayPal's Live mode and set runmode=prod in Casdoor's configuration file conf/app.conf.