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In this guide, we will be using SendGrid as the SMTP server.

Step 1: Create API key for your SendGrid account

Expand the Settings from the left navigation bar, click on the API Keys option from this list. Here, you will see all of your API keys if you have generated any in the past. To generate a new one, you need to click on Create API Key and pay attention to the permissions.


Step 2: Sender Verification

Refer to the document to verify your email sender, you can choose Single Sender Verification or Domain Authentication: Sender Identity

Step 3: Configure Casdoor email Provider

Now create an email provider in Casdoor. Fill in the required fields below:

Required fieldsRemark
UsernameEnter "apikey"
PasswordYour SendGrid's API key
From AddressYour verified sender
HostEnter ""
PortDefault is 465


Click on the Test SMTP Connection button. If you see provider: SMTP connected successfully, it means that your Casdoor service can access the SendGrid service.

Next, click on the Send Testing Email button. If you see Email sent successfully, it means that the test email has been sent successfully from the From address to the Test Email.