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Configure Geetest

To configure Geetest and obtain the public and secret key, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Geetest CAPTCHA V4 section on the Geetest product page.

    Configure Geetest product

  2. Create an application by entering the name and address for your application.

    Geetest application

  3. Add events and choose "web" for the device.

    Geetest event

  4. Retrieve the ID and Key.

    Configure Geetest key

Configure Casdoor

Follow these steps to configure Casdoor:

  1. Create a new provider in Casdoor.

    Set the category as Captcha and the type as Geetest. Fill in the Site key and Secret key with the ID and Key obtained from Geetest.

  2. Click the Preview button to preview the style of this captcha.

    Configure app provider

Apply in your application

To apply the Geetest configuration in your application:

Edit the application you want to configure in Casdoor. Select the provider you just added and click the Save button.

Configure app provider