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Casdoor supports configuring SAML Custom Provider, and you can use Casdoor as a Service Provider (SP) to connect any Identity Provider (IDP) that support SAML 2.0 protocol.

Step1. Get the metadata of IDP

First, you need to obtain the metadata of IDP, which is a XML document used to describe the configuration information of the services provided by IDP. It needs to include information such as EntityID, SSO Endpoint, etc.

Some IDPs, such as Keycloak, require SP information to provide metadata. You can refer to the document Keycloak.

You can use oktadev to test the SAML Custom Provider, here is the metadata.

Step2. Configure SAML Custom Provider

After obtain the metadata of IDP, create a SAML Custom Provider and fill the neccessary information.

CategoryChoose SAML
TypeChoose Custom
Favicon.URLThe URL of the IDP logo
MetadataThe metadata of IDP

Then click Parse buttom, and fileds Endpoint, IdP, Issuer URL, SP ACS URL and SP Entity ID will be automatically parsed.

configure saml custom provider

Finally, add the SAML Custom Provider to Providers of the appliciton. add saml custom provider to application