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Step 1: Deploy Casdoor

Firstly, Casdoor should be deployed.

You can refer to the Casdoor official documentation for the Server Installation. Please deploy your Casdoor instance in production mode.

After a successful deployment, ensure that:

  • Open your favorite browser and visit http://localhost:8000, you will see the login page of Casdoor.
  • Input admin and 123 to test the login functionality.

Alternatively, you can use the official Casdoor demo station for a quick start.

Step 2: Import Casdoor.Client

Import Casdoor.Client for .NET in the Casdoor-dotnet-sdk.

One optional method is as follows:

  • Run ConsoleApp in the Sample folder.
  • Get the /casdoor-dotnet-sdk/src/Casdoor.Client/bin/Debug/net462 folder.

Now, you can import the net462 folder into your Unity project through the method shown in the figure below. Of course, you can also choose folders of other versions.


Step 3: Usage

Learn how to use the Casdoor.Client SDK for Unity 3D mobile development by looking at casdoor-unity-example.

After running the casdoor-unity-example, you will see the following interfaces:

  • Login with username and password:
  • Login with the Casdoor web page: