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Using Casdoor for authentication in BookStack

BookStack is an open source book and document sharing site, as well as an open source application developed using the Go language to help you better achieve document reading management.

Bookstack-casdoor has been integrated with Casdoor, and you can now start quickly with a simple configuration.

Step1. Create an Casdoor application

Go to your Casdoor and add your new application BookStack. Here is an example of creating the BookStack application in Casdoor.

bookstack_config.png Please remember the Name, Organization, client ID, and client Secret. You will use them in the next step.

Step2. Configure Casdoor Login

Now, please move to the BookStack. Find the file: oauth.conf.example.

Rename oauth.conf.example to oauth.conf and modify the configuration. The content of which by default is:


casdoorOrganization = <"Organization">
casdoorApplication = "bookstack"
casdoorEndpoint = http://localhost:8000
clientId = <client ID>
clientSecret = <client Secret>
redirectUrl = http://localhost:8181/login/callback

Step3. Fill in the redirectUrl in Casdoor

The last step, go back to the page where you added the BookStack application, and fill in the Redirect URLs. Make sure the Redirect URL is the same as the redirectUrl in the file oauth.conf. bookstack_callback

Now that you've done all the configuration for Casdoor!

You can go back to your BookStack and experience using Casdoor for login authentication once the BookStack has been successfully deployed.