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Casdoor can be configured to support different captchas to verify if the operation is performed by a human. By adding a captcha provider and applying it in the application, when users login, register, or forget their password and need to send a code, a captcha check dialog will appear to verify if the operation is performed by a human.

Currently, Casdoor supports multiple captcha providers. The following are the providers supported by Casdoor:

DefaultCloudflare TurnstilereCAPTCHAhCaptchaAlibaba Cloud CaptchaGeetest

We will show you how to apply a captcha and add it to Casdoor.

Add a captcha provider

  1. Navigate to your Casdoor index page.
  2. Click on Providers in the top bar.
  3. Click on Add, then you will see a new provider in the top list.
  4. Click on the new provider to modify it.
  5. Select Captcha in the Category.
  6. Choose the captcha provider you need in the Type.
  7. Fill in the most important information. Different captcha providers may require different information to be filled in.

Applying in the application

  1. Click on Application in the top bar and choose one application to edit.
  2. Click on the provider add button and select the provider you just added.
  3. Done!