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To set up the Infoflow OAuth provider, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Infoflow{:target="_blank"} and log in using your Infoflow account.

  2. Visit the Infoflow Application{:target="_blank"} page.

    Create APP

  3. Register your Infoflow app.

    Create APP

  4. Obtain the AgentID.


  5. Navigate to the Setting tab and create a new management group.


  6. Add your structure to the address book permissions and give it the necessary permissions. Also, add the application you just created to the specified location.


  7. Add the sensitive interface permissions as shown.


  8. On the same page, you will find the CorpID and Secret.


  9. Add an Infoflow OAuth provider to Casdoor and fill in the Client ID, Client Secret, and Agent ID.

    Infoflow Provider

    You can now use Infoflow as a third-party service for authentication.