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Casdoor can use other OAuth applications as a signin method.

Now, Casdoor supports many OAuth application providers. Icons of providers will be shown in login and signup pages after adding to Casdoor. Here are the providers Casdoor supports:

GoogleGitHubFacebookTwitterLinkedInWeiboWeChatTencent QQDingtalkBaiduInfoflowGiteeSteamOktaEmailSMS

We will show you how to apply for a third-party service and add it to Casdoor.

Apply to become a developer

Before this, there are some general concepts you need to understand.

  • RedirectUrl, Redirect address after authentication, fill in your application address, such as
  • Scope, Permission granted to you by the user, such as basic profile, Email address and posts and others.
  • ClientId/AppId, ClientKey/AppSecret, This is the most important information, and it is what you need to get after you apply for a developer account. You can not share the key/secret with anyone.

Add an OAuth provider

  1. Navigate to your Casdoor index page
  2. Click Providers in the top bar
  3. Click Add, then you can see a new provider in the list top
  4. Click the new provider to modify it
  5. Select OAuth in Category
  6. Choose the OAuth provider you need in Type
  7. Fill the most important information, Client ID and Client Secret

Applied in application

  1. Click Applicaton in the top bar and choose one application, edit
  2. click provider add button, select the provider you just added
  3. Modify the permissions of the provider, such as allowing registration, login, and unbinding
  4. Done!