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To set up Okta OIDC provider, first visit Okta Developer and sign up to get a developer account.

Navigate to Applications > Applications tab, click Create App Integration, select a Sign-in method of OIDC - OpenID Connect, and select an Application type of Web Application, then click Next.

Create an app integration

Enter the Sign-in redirect URIs , such as

Enter redirect URL

In the Assignments section, define the type of Controlled access for your app, then click Save to create the app integration.

Now you get Client ID, Client secret, and Okta domain.

Okta OIDC settings

Add a Okta OAuth provider in Casdoor dashboard, enter your Client ID, Client secret, and Domain.

Add Okta in Casdoor

Set domain correctly

Note that Domain is not just Okta domain, /oauth2/default should be appended to it.

Visit Okta docs on authorization servers to get more details.

Now you can use Okta as third party service to complete authentication.