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This is an example of how to configure a Lark OAuth provider.

Step 1: Create a Lark application

First, you need to create a new application on the Lark Open Platform and enable it. You can find the App ID and App Secret in the basic information of your application.

create a new app

Next, add the redirect URL <your-casdoor-domain>/callback (e.g., http://localhost:7001/callback) in the security settings of your application.

add redirect URL

Step 2: Create a Lark OAuth provider

Now create a Lark OAuth provider in Casdoor. Fill in the necessary information.

NameName in Lark
CategoryChoose OAuth
TypeChoose Lark
Client IDApp ID obtained from Step 1
Client secretApp Secret obtained from Step 1

create a Lark OAuth provider

Now you can use Lark as the third-party service to complete authentication.