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To set up the LinkedIn OAuth provider, please go to the LinkedIn Developer page to create a new app.


After filling in the form above and creating your app, you'll need to verify the LinkedIn page associated with the app.

LinkedIn Verify


Only the company page administrator can verify your app and grant permission to it.

Once your app is verified, you can continue:

LinkedIn sign in

Add authorized redirect URLs for your app as your Casdoor callback URL.

LinkedIn Redirect

Set authorized redirect URLs correctly

In the LinkedIn OAuth configuration, the authorized redirect URLs must be your Casdoor's callback URL, and the Redirect URL in Casdoor should be your application's callback URL.

For more details, please read the App Config section.

You can then obtain your Client ID and Client Secret.

LinkedIn Client

Add a LinkedIn OAuth provider and fill in the Client ID and Client Secret in your Casdoor.

LinkedIn Provider

Now you can use LinkedIn as a third-party service to complete authentication!