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WeCom provides an authorized login method using OAuth, which allows you to obtain members' identity information directly from the webpage opened by the WeCom terminal, eliminating the need for a login process.

There are two types of applications: internal applications and third-party applications.

Basic Configuration

To configure a WeCom provider, you need to provide the following parameters:

Parameter Description:

Sub typeInternal or Third-party
MethodSilent or Normal
Client IDThe enterprise CorpID
Client secretThe enterprise CorpSecret
Agent IDApplication agentid

WeCom supports two authorization methods: Silent authorization and normal authorization.

Silent authorization: After the user clicks the link, the page is redirected to redirect_URI? code=CODE&state=STATE

Normal authorization: After the user clicks the link, a middle page is displayed for the user to choose whether to authorize or not. After the user confirms the authorization, they are redirected to redirect_uri?code=CODE&state=STATE

For more details, please refer to the official documentation.

More Information

For more information about internal applications, please refer to the Internal Application documentation.

For information about third-party applications, please refer to the Third-Party Application documentation.